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Originally Posted by LynnJr View Post
Lou Murdica isn't using Whidden dies and his benchrest brass is tighter fitting than any F-Class shooters brass on the entire video. He says in the video for this type of shooting/reloading for a reason.

And saying that brass is consistent because it fits the chamber each time after full length sizing is truly brilliant.
Once you have clearance no matter how much or how inconsistent it fits.
I think you are misleading people. Everyone, go to the video I have in my previous post and go to 2:55. Lou Murdica tells you exactly what the modern day BR and F-Class shooter does. And if you do not want to watch it, he says FL size, he says there is no loss in accuracy when FL sizing, he says people used to neck size but now nearly everyone in BR FL size. And the most damaging part of his statement is, when neck sizing you will see a differnece in pressure testing and we know pressure differences is horrible for accuracy as you go further out in distance.

A lot of things have changed and the greatest changes to the reloading and equipment have occurred while you have been out of the game.

The Original Chamber Flag and Barrel Cooler in 1

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