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Ignore Guffey he knows nothing about the terminology used in today's reloading circles. He is trying to let you know that as the shoulder gets moved the brass itself hasn't changed its location but a new shoulder has been formed and it could have most of the old shoulder still contained within it. So if your shoulder sits 2 inches from the casehead and you move it to 1.5 inches from the casehead you have replaced one shoulder with another shoulder but you haven't moved the original brass you just turned it into the neck.
It is commonly called being a semantics *****.
For the average tactical or F-Class shooter full length sizing will allow the brass to chamber easily and they are not after gilt edge accuracy so it works for what they need.
On a bench only gun group size determines the winner not your score so full length sizing means the die matches the chamber as closely as humanly possible and a single die starts at over $400 and some will exceed twice that. You need to stick with one reamer and one gunsmith so you don't overwork your brass.
The video shows F-Class shooters one current benchrest shooter and one past benchrest shooter.
The current benchrest shooter says in the video for this type of shooting you can full length size. He was talking about F-class not benchrest.
Just trying to clarify.
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