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Originally Posted by lawaia View Post
Let's look at your statements above one by one.

RivCo does not REQUIRE the additional forms. They ask for the additional information to help them make a decision. You are free to decline filling in the information.
Declining to fill out the additional form almost guarentees you will be denied. So are you really free to decline?

Originally Posted by lawaia View Post
RivCo has changed their fee structure (thanks to CGF) to comply with the law.
Strange that members are still reporting that they are being required to complete the training class before their good cause is evaluated. This is a violation of 12050(a)(1)(E)(i).

Originally Posted by lawaia View Post
I have never claimed that it was "easy" to get a LTC in RivCo. I tell people that it is POSSIBLE to get one, if they are willing to put in the work.
You advocate working the system, thats great for those that can, but it still requires that you come up with an acceptable good cause. Lets be honest, 99% of us don't have a good cause that is acceptable. Most of us don't have active threats, carry large amounts of cash, or collect rent in bad areas (when I took the CCW class we all talked about our good cause at the break and ever single one, except me, was related to threats or money). Most of us are normal citizens with normal jobs and normal lives. Can you honestly say that a normal person can come up with an acceptable good cause with out stretching the truth?

Will Riverside county issue to normal, non connected citizens: Yes. But, and this is a big but, you still have to have a good cause that is acceptable to Sheriff Sniff. This is the point I am trying to make. You have to play the game in Riverside county. I don't have an acceptable good cause and I'm not willing to "craft" one. The statement that you made about the CCW unit wanting people to apply is wrong in my experience (Dept. Yezzo sure didn't want me to apply). If they wanted people to apply they would at least follow the law.

You advocate playing by the unfair and unlawful rules of Riverside county in order to secure an LTC (that great for those few it will work for). I want everyone to know that Riverside county is using unfair and unlawful rules in the hopes that things will change and ALL residents will have the ability to obtain an LTC.
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