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Originally Posted by lawaia View Post
I really do feel for your frustrating situation. However, current evidence provided to us courtesy of CGF shows that RivCo is on track for an 89% increase in issuance from 2010 to 2011.

You continue to try to discourage others from applying, in spite of evidence to the contrary. What is your goal here?
My goal is to shine some light on the process in Riverside County.

I want people to understand that Riverside county does not follow the law (requires additional forms not autorized by law, requires payment for training prior to good cause evaluation).

I want people to understand that the perception that it is easy to get at LTC in Riverside county is wrong. While there may be an increase in the number of LTCs in Riverside county, the fact remains that Riverside (0.273%) is still worse than San Diego (0.302%).

My goal is to present all the facts to anyone who is considering applying in Riverside county.

Obvisously your experience with the CCW unit was different than mine, but that does not change my experience. Lets get all the facts out in the open and let people decide for themselfs if they are willing risk about $300 and 2 days off work.
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