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Question Indio PD Denial Time

Originally Posted by Dtt255 View Post
Long time lurker,

I am 3 weeks into waiting for my CCW form Riverside County.

They were very nice to me there and actually called me and had me revise my GC because although THEY knew what I did for a living and WHY I wanted a CCW...they didn't feel I expressed it correctly in my GC. So they asked me to revise it a bit.
I felt that was very decent of them.....

So I am 3 week in from handing it in originally, and 1 week from when I sent them the revised GC. I can only assume they didn't send it in to admin until the got the new GC.

Everytime the phone rings I

I just I get a call or a letter? Is the approval a letter or a call?

I know a denial is a letter, got one from Indio PD.

Dtt255, How long did it take for Indio PD to issue you the denial letter?
I live in Indio also.

Thanks (in advance) for taking the time to reply.
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