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Ok, I was denied by mail about two weeks ago and I applied for a CCW back in March of 2010 with the SJSO. It took that long because they wanted me to go through Lodi PD first and be denied, it took a few months just to get a call back from Chet Somera from Lodi PD and then got the run around from them. By the time I was denied by Lodi it was approaching the New Year, so Sgt. Palmer submitted the application to Sheriff Moore right before Christmas of 2010. I might add that I voted for and visited with Sheriff Moore many times when he use to patrol the I-5 and Highway 12 area and stop into the fire station out there. Now, that I have read some of your interviews with the sheriff, I believe I am a above average citizen who is in public service, fire investigator, a member of the San Joaquin County Arson Task Force, and been approved by DOJ to attend and completed the Ca. PC 832 courses (Arrest, Search, and Seizure & Firearms Familiarization). I say that because we as investigators in public service are subject to testifying against the accused. Also, I travel to and from work in the City of Stockton and various areas of the county to investigate fires in the hardest and most remote areas at various hours. By passing the DOJ background to attend a Ca. Post course tells me that (and I have a letter from them stating) I am NOT restricted from owning or possessing a firearm. I wasn’t the best young adult but that was 20+ years ago and I have never been restricted from owning or possessing a firearm. I will also add that I am a property owner in rural Arizona and holder of an Arizona CCW, 33+ States. I received the SJSO generic denial letter with no explanation for the denial. A portion of the above stated was included in my good cause. I hope this helps. Fight the good fight. SteveG

I would also add the the cover letter Lodi PD sent with the application was very disrespectful and demeaning


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