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Originally Posted by meathead9 View Post
A few things stuck in my head after my interview, as well as I can remember them. These are un-prompted comments/questions.

1. "Being Pro 2A and Pro-CCW are 2 totally different things"
2. "Have you considered 'Less than lethal' forms of self-defense?"
3. "There are 2 parts: Good Moral Character & Good Cause, and the law says 'May Issue', not 'Shall Issue'."
4. "When I finish reviewing all the CCW applications, we will noify you."

Unless some of you have documented cases of threats to your life, assaults etc., or my interpretation of how my interview went is wrong, there will be a lot of disappointed CCW applicants this go around.
I didn't hear 1,3 or 4 from Moore. He did hit me with #2 though. I asked him "like what? A cell phone? A pocket knife? Please..." It was all I could do to not smart off and ask him if he carried off duty.

I agree that there will be a majority of denials from Sheriff Moore.
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