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Default Chin Up!

I've been a member for almost a decade (wow!), but as you can see from my number of posts, I only drop by occasionally, at best. Still, I've always found Calguns to be a great resource and I'm very glad it's here. I was struck by your post, and wanted to respond to your request for feedback.

I've always tried to focus Calguns as a place where all are welcome and with a goal of working for our 2A rights, I've tried to keep Calguns workplace and family friendly so we could reach the next generation of gun owners and 2A supporters, I've tried to keep Calguns open to all points of view, Republican, Democrat, pro-2A and anti-2A with all having a voice as long as it is a civil voice.

Is this still the road this community wants to follow or should we pick a new path?
Seems like good plan to me--strive to be a "big tent."

Should we refocus towards a single political ideology or Party?
Not overtly--that seems a little cheesy. This is a special interest forum and the focus should be on the healthy development and protection of that special interest. In practice, that's usually going to coincide with one or two parties, but focus should be around the firearm enthusiasts and related advocacy, not the party (even if that leads to support of one party most of the time).

Should we forego the family and workplace friendly requirements expecting that younger members now are more 'worldly' and parents won't mind them seeing adult language, images and topics here?
As an interest group, we are clearly on the defensive at this point in time. I think Calguns best serves its community and causes by being a shining example of the best the community has to offer, and attracting new members versus scaring them off. Hopefully this can be achieved without getting too draconian.

Should we limit discussion to solely pro-2A and not allow members to post opinions and views that aren't pro 2A?
This seems antithetical to the ideals of the typical freedom-loving 2A supporter.

Should we loosen or remove the rules mandating civil discussion and behavior among members, allow insults, name calling and rude posts?
As I said, Calguns, its community, and its causes benefit more from being a shining star versus a dumpster fire. I hate censorship, but Calguns is a privately funded interest group with a mission, and it's important to foster an environment that benefits that mission. I don't really have a sense for how much "moderation" is required to keep things from going off the rails, but if there's a big demand for looser restrictions, perhaps some sub-forums could accommodate such a desire.

Should we focus more on being a 'gun talk' community and less on 2A rights, moving towards being a social community rather than a civil rights focused community?
Doesn't seem like there would be much 'gun talk' to talk about without 2A rights! I think the mission is extremely important, and hopefully the 'gun talk' eventually gets people to graduate to meaningful activists.

We've become stagnant and frankly a bit complacent and I don't blame anyone more than myself.
They say a fish rots from the head down and I've felt rather disconnected and disengaged for a while now.
Life is full of strikes and gutters, and no one should be condemned for occasionally finding themselves in a rut. There's always room for improvement, so I hope you find some good ideas. But anyone involved in the founding and continuation of Calguns should be very proud indeed.

When it comes right down to it maybe 5-8 out of every 100 gun owners is willing to do anything more than send in a membership check and then complain that nothing is being done.
I read that Calguns has about 150,000 members. If 5-8 (avg of 6.5) of every 100 becomes actively involved, that 9,750 activists! Not too shabby... Personally, I think better questions to ask are:
How do we increase our rate of new membership?
How do we increase the real engagement from 5-8 out of 100 up to 8-10?

There's a lot to be proud of, and I hope you figure out how to keep sharpening the saw.

Since I just realized I've been a freeloader for almost a decade on this site, I sent in payment to become a lifetime CGN/CGSSA Contributor. Thanks for letting me decide to join at my own pace!

I hope my contribution, in some small way, helps cheers you up and validates the hard work from those that make Calguns a reality. Don't give up the fight!

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