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Originally Posted by lone shooter View Post
Considering buy a new tablet. All my former tablets have been android. Should I stick with android or buy a windows tablet?

What about the Amazon Fire tablet?

What do you want to do with it and how much do you want to spend? I have 3 Fire tablets and they suck for pretty much everything. The screens are crap and they are slow and you are locked in (by default anyway) to Amazon.

I have a pile of 10" Samsung Tab A with the S pen at work. They are ok considering what we pay for them (200-250 bucks).

For Windows we have a bunch of Surface Pro 4's, and they are ok I guess. I never had issues with mine but some of the other guys here did so they switched out to HP Elite X2s. I have one of those for myself as well with the i7 (to run CAD applications like Revit) and I haven't had any issues with it. Its very expensive though, considering. Recently the company switched out to Dells as we get a better deal on them. I still have my Surface Pro 4 and my HP Elite. The surface I kept for myself since the company retired them. I don't use it that much. The Elite is just for work use.

Now, I hate most things Apple. My company gave me an iPhone 8 for work use (my personal phone is Android). I really don't like all. But you know what I use most of the time at home? I got a new 2019 iPad with the pencil. I use the crap out of that thing for general browsing, music production stuff, sketches for my woodworking... all kinds of things. I can't really believe it myself but for $250/$350 w/pencil I don't know that there is anything better. My wife uses her iPad Air 2 regularly and has for a few years. Very rarely does she even bother to turn her laptop on anymore.

For work we use the Samsungs and a pile of iPads for shop production. Gone are the days where you unroll a big sheet of paper. Modern fabrication is all digital... they work off 3D models now instead of iso drawings. Both the Samsungs and iPads work equally well for this. They are mostly older iPad 4s.
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