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Originally Posted by 38Special View Post
I love it when people make their one problems then get ****ty with others.
The Real ID issuance has been discussed over and over. It isn't our problem or the ammo sellers problem that you can't be an adult!
I just get pissy when someone starts to tell me how I need to act as an adult. The social security card is a non issue, so people can mind their own ****ing business on that one.

Having the social, passport, etc doesn't change anything for the fact were 2 weeks out from dove season and I don't have a real ID. I'm not a gun fanatic, other hobbies take up my time. So I don't sit here and go over details of every law thats passing. Even after reading about the background checks at no point did I read anything about the real idea. So you can mozy right along now, you aren't helping.
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