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Originally Posted by lone shooter View Post
Considering buy a new tablet. All my former tablets have been android. Should I stick with android or buy a windows tablet?

What about the Amazon Fire tablet?
It all depends on what you want to use your new tablet for. A Fire tablet is a fine media playback device for very little money. I'm not worried about limited app choices in Amazon's app store because it's easy to sideload the Google Play Store. On the other hand I'm not a fan (a personal taste thing) of the too busy interface. I keep an 8" and 10" Fire as light and cheap mobile media playback devices whose loss to theft won't break my budget. They rock as giant indoor Kindle readers and for general reading, browsing, and watching videos.

For more serious use I have a 10" Samsung S2 but find myself taking a 13" notebook with me instead if I need to get some work done because I prefer physical keyboards for typing and real business-class applications when I need to get work done. With the exception of a few niche apps, Android tablet productivity apps just don't cut it for me.
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