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Originally Posted by dkonrai View Post
So I got the itch as well. Ended up with a BAR in 300wm.
She's a beast. Will shoot a Mickey mouse at 100 if I do my part. I want to see how she does further than 100.
I only shoot 4 or 5 rounds. The 220 grains can be a bit of a cannon.

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Browning makes some really nice rifles and that's why I included the x-bolt Hell's Canyon in the mix. I'd look at the BAR but I'm just a bolt purist but I have to admit that thing chambered in 300 WM must be a hoot!

Originally Posted by RNE228 View Post
If you want a "Boomer" look at one of the Sharp replicas in 45-120 or one of the big 50 cal cartridges like a 50-140.

Would easily work on anything in North America too.
That stuff is fun I agree, but I do have a couple hunts on my bucket list that would require something a little more along the lines of what I have listed. The Sharps are going to be pretty limited in their range if your name isn't Quigley.

Buy made in USA whenever possible.

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