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Originally Posted by Zorba View Post
Get a MS Surface. It runs a REAL operating system (even if it *is* Windows) and will run REAL software, not limited and crippled "Apps". It will also allow a REAL keyboard and REAL mouse for those times you need them, and they detach and "go away" for those times you do not.
WTF did I just read? So much fanboi-ism fail here.

Maybe some people buy a tablet to only do specific things, and don't need it to be an all in one device. Why exactly is Android not a "real" OS? I have two Android tablets and we have Android phones, none of our apps are "crippled". They work very well for their intended use. Try running a native ebook reader app on your Windows tablet, it's a craptastic experience. Disclaimer: I also have a Windows tablet, and like the Android tablets it's good at its intended use, but certainly not the best at everything.

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