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Well it happened.

I followed the advice I got here and this is what I got for my troubles.

I renewed my permit. and it came 3 weeks or so early.

Wasn't valid until today. So the question becomes what to do.

I asked here and was told to:
A.) Carry both
B.) Set a reminder thingie on my smarter than me smartphone.

I paced the floor, wringing my hands, carefully considering all aspects of the choices.
Carrying both seems heavy and with my back could cause longterm damage.

Setting the reminder thingie seems difficult and could set off a chain reaction by the noise police. So I googled how to set a reminder with an silent alarm.

Just minutes ago.....
It happened
My rear pants pocket started to vibrate, my phone rocking and a rolling.

Grabbing my phone, thinking it is gonna blow, my phone that is.
I look at the screen only to see those words

Hey Old Man, didja change ur permit yet?

Works like a chaem.

Thanks guys

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