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Originally Posted by David1523 View Post
The letter states I have 10 days to submit a written appeal, I just don’t know what I am appealing to write about.

I have an email in with my employer and I’m waiting to hear back from him today, I told him I was applying and that they would be contacting him so it wasn’t a surprise. I have a good relationship with pretty much all of my neighbors, except one, and that isn’t a bad relationship we just don’t have any contact, they’re pretty private.

My good cause statement was that I wanted to protect myself and my family, and that I am realtor and this puts me in unfamiliar neighborhoods meeting people I don’t know, usually at night. The officer interviewing me read it and said that everything seemed good to go.

Both my parents work/worked for the lasd, I’ve never been arrested, I just have no idea what they could have found.
Are there any ex-wives or girl friends that you have a bad relationship with?
Do you have or have you had in the past a medical MJ card?
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