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Originally Posted by FlyingShooter View Post
I would certainly contact them and see if there are any options to appeal. Out of curiosity do you know if your employer submitted back their questionnaire on you, and if it was positive? Do you have a good relationship with your neighbors? What was your good cause statement, etc? If you know your background is clean, those are the only other things I can think of.

The letter states I have 10 days to submit a written appeal, I just donít know what I am appealing to write about.

I have an email in with my employer and Iím waiting to hear back from him today, I told him I was applying and that they would be contacting him so it wasnít a surprise. I have a good relationship with pretty much all of my neighbors, except one, and that isnít a bad relationship we just donít have any contact, theyíre pretty private.

My good cause statement was that I wanted to protect myself and my family, and that I am realtor and this puts me in unfamiliar neighborhoods meeting people I donít know, usually at night. The officer interviewing me read it and said that everything seemed good to go.

Both my parents work/worked for the lasd, Iíve never been arrested, I just have no idea what they could have found.
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