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Default Current hard to get and/or Off-Roster pistols **IN STOCK** 09/27

These handguns are currently IN STOCK and can be shipped to your FFL for transfer. Additionally, we can order most guns and ship to your FFL if we don't have them on hand.

EDIT:: Due to a large volume of business, coupled with a small staff, we are unable to go through each model and verify their roster status. Ultimately it will be up to the customer to ensure the model is on the CA approved roster, or that the customer is exempt from the roster.

Call 208.672.0558 or email


Shadow 2 (BLK w/ BLK GRIPS)
P-10 C 9mm (BLK)
SP01 9mm (BLK)
SP01 9mm (FDE)
SP01 Phantom 9mm (BLK)
SP01 Tactical 9mm (BLK)
Tactical Sport 9mm (2 TONE)
Tactical Sport .40 (2 TONE)
Rami BD 9mm w/ Night Sights (BLK)
P-01 Omega 9mm (BLK)
Rami 2075 9mm (BLK)
P-07 9mm (BLK)
75 B 9mm (BLK)
75 D PCR 9mm (BLK)

17 Gen 5 (BLK w/ and w/o Night Sights)
19 Gen 5 (BLK w/ and w/o Night Sights)
35 Gen 4 (FDE/FDE)
30S Gen 3 (BLK)
22 Gen 4 (FDE/BLK)
21SF Gen 4 (FDE/FDE)
41 Gen 4 MOS (BLK)
42 (BLK)
43 (FDE/BLK)
43 (BLK)
19 Gen 3 RTF2 Vickers (FDE/FDE)
19 Gen 3 RTF2 Vickers (BLK)
17 Gen 3 RTF2 Vickers (FDE/FDE)
17 Gen 3 RTF2 Vickers (BLK)
17 Gen 3 RTF2 Vickers (GRAY/BLK)
17 Gen 4 (FDE/FDE)
17 Gen 4 MOS (BLK)
34 Gen 4 MOS (BLK)
40 Gen 4 MOS (BLK)
29 Gen 4 (BLK)

Strike One 9mm (BLK)
Strike One 9mm (FDE)
Strike One 9mm (TITANIUM/BLK)

Sig Sauer
P229 Elite 9mm (TITANIUM BLUE)
P226 Legion 9mm (GRAY)
P226 MK25 Navy 9mm (FDE)
P226 MK25 Navy 9mm (BLK)
P938 SAS 9mm (2 TONE)

Smith & Wesson
M&P M2.0 Full Size 4" 9mm (BLK)
M&P9 Shield 9mm Performance Center Ported (BLK)
M&P9 Shield 9mm w/ TS (FDE)
M&P45 Shield .45acp Performance Center Ported (BLK)
M&P45 Shield .45acp (BLK)

REX Zero 1 9mm (BLK)


Rhino 40DS 9mm (BLK)
Rhino 40DS .357 (BLK)
Rhino 50DS .357 (BLK)
Rhino 200DS .357 (STAINLESS)

1911 Rail Gun .45acp (BLK)

LCP .380acp (BLK)
LCP .380acp (PINK/BLK)
LCP II .380acp (BLK)
MKIV Threaded Lite .22lr (BLK)

TRP Operator Full Rail .45acp (BLK)
TRP no rail .45acp (BLK)
MC Operator .45acp (ODG/BLK)
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Specializing in CA compliant transfers. We can acquire, convert, and ship hard to get/non-compliant firearms for both dealers and individual customers!

*posted prices reflect a 3% cash discount*

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