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Originally Posted by WalterJones View Post
You sound like you need an Edgepro.
Hey, Walter.
I concur. I started off with one of those cheap Chicom clones, and was able to do a better edge than I ever could before. Of course I had to do repairs to it to keep it operational.

Then I threw down on some GOOD Japanese stones, which upped my game.

After squeezing out all the sharpness available from that setup, I finally coughed up the cash for a real EdgePro Professional. I'm VERY happy with it. No drama or futzing with the tools--now it's all about creating a spectacular edge.

Right now my opinion is evolving on how to make a really nice edge. Previously, I would polish everything down to sub-micron, and my edges were like mirrors. But recently I've been playing with diamond plates, and taking everything to 400 grit, and then stropping with 40μ paste. It's much harder to get a burr-free edge, but in the end, I think it's more usable in an everyday sort of knife.
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