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Originally Posted by DrewN View Post
I've been working in kitchens since 1979. The fastest way to ruin a knife is to let me sharpen it. Still. I had to quit buying good knives (except MAC's, even I can't screw up a MAC) even. I can ruin a ZDP Spyderco in no time. I'm pretty handy otherwise,but I'm hopeless at sharpening. I have pretty much every gimmick sharpening system ever made, and the dude in the truck with a Harbor Freight 4" belt sander kicks my *** every time. Sometimes it's better to pay.
You sound like you need an Edgepro. Yeah it's pricey, but neigh on impossible to screw up an edge. There's knock offs on the big auction site, but they aren't well built...wobbly and screws strip out on the cheap plastic. Congress Tools has replacement stones that are much cheaper than Edgepro.
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