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Originally Posted by j15w View Post
So I went on an Amazon spree and bought some folding pocket knives as well as a Lansky sharpener (the kind with the ceramic sticks at certain angles), and a leather strop with green honing compound.

The knives are sharp out of the box, but they could be sharper. Would you recommend using the fine grit on the sharpener at 25 degrees or 20 degrees? Does the recommended angle change for different knives (e.g. my little folders vs. Mora knives)? Or should I forgo sharpening altogether right now and just strop?
Hmmmm... lotta questions, but I like to talk about edges...

Generally, if I have a new knife and I just want to touch it up, I'll stick with the angle from the manufacturer. No need to take off more steel than necessary.

Going straight to the strop from the manufacturer might not give you the best edge possible, as just about EVERY manufacturer churns out wavy or imperfect edges. But a ceramic rod might not be able to repair the inconsistencies.

There's no downside to stropping the edge to see what you'll get. Just remember to keep the pressure light, and to match the angle perfectly.
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