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I initially tried that. Created a Win 10 installer using a 16B stick. Then disconnected the OEM 2TB drive, had only the SSD installed, and booted up from the stick. The 'stick' would not identify the SSD (which I had already formatted). I have a hunch with OEM drives that have Win 10 pre-installed, there must be a code that makes the stick identify with the drive. I even tried booting the stick and placing Win 10 on an external 3.0 USB hard drive. No luck.

Aside from that, I don't want to re-install the third party programs (Adobe Suite, MS Office, Quickbooks, etc). I'm hoping cloning the drive will bypass that time suck.

Originally Posted by ibanezfoo View Post
I would not do it this way. Get an 8gb USB stick and download the Win 10 installer to it. Take out your old drive and install the new one. Boot off the usb and install Win 10. You donít have to license or activate it at this time. Once itís running (use something like Driver Booster to install missing drivers if necessary) then attach you old drive and copy your profile data and other files to the new drive. Once you are completely satisfied that you have all of your old data copied then format your old drive to use as data. If you have windows 7 or 8 when you go to activate Win 10 click on the I have a key option and plug in the key from the sticker on your machine and it will activate. This is a safe way to get your data moved over. Weíve fired help desk guys for not doing it this way and losing usersí data....

I would not use any of those clone tools unless you have all of your data backed up to a 3rd drive first.
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