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Here is the problem - abuse of POWER.

I am a 4X Son of the American Revolution - I love the Republic.

The Republic is not in vogue today, so I am not in vogue, meaning some bureaucrat can deny my Constitutional Rights to the 1st and 2nd Amendment because my politics are different than theirs.

Today in a 7-2 vote the SCOTUS finally grew a pair and allowed a Executive Branch Rule, banning asylum seekers from Central and South American, if they first don't apply for asylum in Mexico.

The activist Judge in San Francisco and the 9th Circus got their asses handed to them - finally.

In a perfect world maybe but in a world that wants to discard the Republic for Marxism - no way in hell, ask Hong Kong if you need a reference.

Subjective and arbitrary systems can be manipulated by those in power, look at the No Fly List and the people on it that should not be.

Read your World History, it is the same old, same old, nothing has evolved the human political world, in the last 6,000 years, nor will it anytime soon.
"The California matrix of gun control laws is among the harshest in the nation and are filled with criminal law traps for people of common intelligence who desire to obey the law." - U.S. District Judge Roger T. Benitez

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