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Originally Posted by Saym14 View Post
My pet peeve is getting a PM from a newbie, joined yesterday with zero post and zero feedback and the want a picture of my vp9 safe queen. If youíre going to buy it ok , but it looks like every other factory vp9 on google, Make me an offer we can agree on THEN I will email or text u pics. I admit tho they arenít all flaky one or two have come thru.
But per rules here you are supposed to supply pics. Like the poster a few up said, someone could be misrepresenting the item and it can be spotted from a pic. I've also seen firearms listed as 1 model but the pic was for another. Happened a while back someone was advertising a p226 mk25 but it was a plane jane 226. Just post some pictures, it isn't hard.

I also say "I'm interested" when the poster is lacking relevant information such as condition, age, what it comes with, etc. It goes both ways.. a lot of the sellers here don't represent their items well. If the details are there and you get an I'm interested... great, let me know when you want to buy. But it can also mean the seller dropped the ball and is lacking info.

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