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Originally Posted by tacticalcity View Post
A recent trend that I have been noticing is the "I'm Interested" PM, usually from a junior member. Sounds great. Somebody wants to buy my item? Right? Sadly no. It almost always results in a day or two of getting strung along. Lots of half commitments. Only for them to completely ghost me for at least a day before telling me they weren't really interested in buying the item after all.

That's no fun people. And this is supposed to be fun.

Asking questions is fine. But don't pretend you want to buy something when you really don't. By all means, ask a question. Better yet PM your best offer. Even better PM an "I'll take it".

However, "I'm interested" doesn't mean squat. So don't get upset when I sell the item to somebody who makes a firm offer or says "I'll take it". An "I'm interested" PM just tells me you're probably wasting my time.

I'm not trying to be a jerk. I'm just not a fan of getting of jerked around. That's not fun. Nobody's getting rich here. This is a hobby. Above all else, hobbies are all about having fun.
"Im interested" is the online version of the guy who walks into a gun shop, wastes the time of the guy behind the counter, puts his fingerprints on everything in the store and then walks out without buying anything after an hour of being there. Essentially a tire kicker IMO.
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