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Originally Posted by smittty View Post
You're that lazy??
And he's PROUD of it.

Originally Posted by tacticalcity View Post That doesn't work for me. I shouldn't need to. Anybody who owns a Remington 700 Police, Sps tactical, varmint, etc and a 30mm diamater scope with a 40mm objective scope knows the answer. This is all standardized. The constants involved here don't change. Your responses are like saying to measure the magwell of a AR15 to know if a magazine will fit or not. There simply is not need for that. A specific size magazine is designed to fit that specific magwell. Likewise, only one height rings fits a Sorendo diameter barrel and a 30mm scope with a 40mm objective. Remington experts should know this answer off the back of their hand.
He just does not realize that it's NOT all standardized.
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