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Originally Posted by Pharmboy View Post
This is interesting. I often say that I am interested and want to meet up to purchase the item. IF they respond, I often provide my phone number for faster responses. It seems wrong to say that “I’ll take it” without inspecting the item and having the option to not buy it. Here is something that happened to me. There was a Beretta M9a1 that was posted with only “200” rounds shot, so I met up with the buyer in San Diego. The pictures looked great and when we meet, the gun looked like it was older than described. The finish looked really good, but the slide was loose/ rattled and upon closer inspection, it looked like the feedramp was polished to make it look newer. The corners and serrations felt rounded. It asked if the M9 had been refinished, how long he owned and shot it. I decided not to buy it and he wasn’t happy. I was waiting to get flamed on the forum but it never came.
You are NOT obligated to buy if inspection is not what was described.
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