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Originally Posted by Rcjackrabbit View Post
Wrong. He has an excellent track record and will admit when he does make a mistake. The guy is 100% hard core RKBA.

Like anyone listens to a teacher from the bay area? Ha. Tell me about the NEA and their defense of the 2nd amendment....
Nice ad hominem and straw man attack, there; rather than address my claim with evidence to back up your argument, you imply I should take you at your word, set off a personal attack by implying I am a progressive CTA/NEA member who opposes the 2A and should be ignored because I am teacher. You know nothing of my views, whether or not I am a union member or whether or not I am an NRA member. The only information you have is that I am a teacher, I believe Alex Jones has an absolutely pathetic record on accuracy (such as the entire Sandy Hook debacle he is embroiled in) and he stokes outrage in order to drive traffic to his sites. Your response does not refute my statement. Attack the argument, not the person.
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