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Originally Posted by Bushwack44 View Post
Just bought a desktop PC that came with a 2TB 7200HD - Windows 10 pre-installed and running the current version. I've already loaded all the apps onto the drive and my documents (occupying 600MB).

I bought a 1TB SSD and installed it as a second internal drive. It formatted fine. What I would like to do is a complete transfer of all files from the HD to the SSD and be able to boot from the SSD.

Do I make a disk image of the drive or do a transfer (i.e.: Whichever route is recommended, please suggest the best software for the job. Thanks.
What you want to do is download the exact version of your windows and have the code ready. Start out by safely removing and storing your HD while you install windows onto the ssd. I also would look into doing it correctly by watching YouTube videos.
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