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Default Let's talk about poison oak again

This weekend at hunting camp, i cut brush around the cabin for a few hours. I am very susceptible to poison oak, and can identify it at a glance, and have avoided contacting it for over seven years. While brush cutting the only PO I came across were a couple of tiny sprouts, which I steered clear of and hit with roundup.

Saturday at midnight I woke up with that familiar itch, happening right around my hootus and his sack of nuts.

I headed straight for the shower and washed with Tecnu. I didnt read or follow the directions so I dont think I was too effective.

The mystery is how did it get there? Of course, I know how, multiple times peeing in the woods and maybe a down the pants nut scratch or adjustment. But the reason I am mystified, is that it is ONLY on my cocknballs. Except for a tiny spot on my right eyelid, and another tiny spot on my left forearm.

Could my ultra manly working man's hands be resistant to poison oak, but my tender vittles not?

And now I'm dousing in benadryl but that's not very comfortable in my underoos. But it does tame the itch enough that I can ignore it a few hours.

Anyone have any tips for my situation? I'm used to powering through. But I'm getting too old for this aggravation!

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