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Originally Posted by Gunny556 View Post
Where does Turnerís find such incompetent people to hire? A few days ago I was in the Temecula store to buy some ammo and do the background check on it. So they tell me I need to pick a number and wait for my number to be called. As Iím standing there I noticed one of the black-shirt girls (Dannie) working on the computer in the corner. I watch her working on something pretty diligently, going between her cell phone to the computer, and back and forth. She must be trying to find a gun or part for a customer (or so I think). But then I over hear her tell one of the other girls there that she is planning her wedding, looking at different venues. What the HELL!!!

My time is money, wasting time on doing a background check on ammo is bad enough, but having to wait even longer because there is an incompetent person there with absolutely no customer service skills is not acceptable. Turnerís should try to hire better quality people if they care about their customers. Or maybe they just donít care.

Oh and to top if off, when my number was finally called and the guy starts helping me with getting my ammo, I ask him what is up with that Dannie. He tells me that she was just promoted to manager. Guess she thinks she doesnít need to help customers anymore. Way to go Turners.
Did a PPT there 12 days ago flawlessly, will do nother this Sunday.
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