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Originally Posted by tacticalcity View Post
I'm fine with questions. That's not what I'm getting or referring to. I am referring to people saying they're interested, and usually not asking a question at all. Then not replying back for a day or two. Then maybe low balling. Me accepting because I am nice like that. Then not hearing back at all or if I do hear back they say never mind and back out despite my agreeing to take a massive loss and have dealt with them stalling for several days. That sort of thing.

My gripe is with general lack of courtesy. People forgetting there is a real person on the other end of that PM.

It is not all the time. It is not even most the time. But it does happen more often than it used to and more often than I've come to expect from Calguns.
Perhaps they don't know how to subscribe to a thread?

IDK. I just reply like a human. I ignore flakes. No skin off my back.
There is nothing so tragic as the loss of a child. Parents and teachers have the right to protect them. They should also have the ability. 911 isnít enough.
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