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Originally Posted by Offwidth View Post
This site has probably a dozen tracking cookies that are easy to link to your IP footprint, your mobile device ids, and everything else easily extractable with a proper court order. Then you run your post lexical and sentiment analysis, figure out your orientation and what not, cross correlate with known risk factors, and send SWAT to your place of residence. All with a script.
Done all parts of that (well, not calling SWAT), for some generous compensation.

Without a doubt. And itís why while Iíll use a little hyperbole from time to time, Iíve never advocated anything more than leaving kalifornia. And why Iíve never used any sorts of innuendo or slur or anything that might be taken as connotations anything other than adherence to the law for everyone and respect for everyone. Because yes, it would not take much script fu to find everything Iíve posted. And Iíve never divulged anything about me other than I am a teacher.

And when people here advocate for open defiance or open carry, all the keyboard bravado, I just say save yer money and rent a uhaul.

But thatís the thing. Googling my name would not yield anything social media until you knew more about me AND knew to look at calguns.

For sure, the moment you open a web browser pretty much everything is out there. But signal to noise ratio. Thatís all.

You are right. Itís just that the average googler isnít going to find me here (Trust me, Iíve done this)

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