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Originally Posted by rm1911 View Post
In a sense yes, but if they google my name, Rumplestiltskin Methuselah (hence rm1911)...ok, who’m I kidding. That’s not my real name, but whatever my real name is, nothing from calguns would pop up.

There isn’t anything that links my real name to this site nor anything I’ve ever posted. Now, sure, the feds could very well look up my IP address from my home, iPad, etc., and could maybe subpoena my gadgets and whatnot, and demand calguns turns over an IP register, etc, do a reverse lookup, etc., but that ain’t the same thing.

It’d take a much deeper scan which I agree they’d be well able to discover. But could they really get that deep for every background check?

Yeah, I bought and sold some guns in the marketplace. So yeah, there’s a dros or two, and someone somewhere could, well, figure out but first they’d have to know I was on calguns, and well, this ain’t social media like twitter or Facebook or whatever.

And actually calguns is a social forum, not social media. In fact, precisely because there’s a level of anonymity it isn’t social media. I have no idea if Bigtwin is my next door neighbor or in a other state, a girl or guy, or whatever gender or orientation.
This site has probably a dozen tracking cookies that are easy to link to your IP footprint, your mobile device ids, and everything else easily extractable with a proper court order. Then you run your post lexical and sentiment analysis, figure out your orientation and what not, cross correlate with known risk factors, and send SWAT to your place of residence. All with a script.
Done all parts of that (well, not calling SWAT), for some generous compensation.
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