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Originally Posted by SkyHawk View Post
AR pistols as well as this MP5 22LR pistol must be fixed mag, with the mag locked into the receiver in such a way that the firearm must be disassembled to remove the mag.

There is a mag lock device for MP5 9mm, I have no idea if it would work in the 22LR

And mags must be 10rd or blocked to 10rd.
Thank you for the reply. So theoretically I install a mag lock & I also block the mag to only accept 1 round, would that make the pistol a single shot? Or would that be toting the line since the actual pistol is still technically semi auto? Since it's a blowback I'm wondering if I can change out the main spring to something heavier so the 22 won't be able to cycle. However be able to manually cycle the action by hand with the lever.

Just an idea I have yet to take the pistol apart. Any input would be greatly appreciated. -Z
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