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Originally Posted by billvau View Post
As you wrote, your "guess." First, you need to be a Christian or you'll never understand the Bible properly (1 Cor. 2 tells us that. Not my opinion). Then, just use a consistent, literal, historical, grammatical, plenary hermeneutic.

As I said above, each book was written for a specific context.

I stumbled onto that concept when I recently spoke at a conference. The topic was Psalm 1. Why is this the gateway to the Psalms, the first Psalm? What is the significance of that? It went deeper the more I studied.

Now, I've turned to Genesis 1 with the same lense. It is the gateway to the entire Bible. Christ is the light in the darkness, there were seven literal (yom) 24 hour days for creation, an indescribable God of infinate capabilities and knowledge speaking everything into existance by the power of His almighty word and His will, before science existed. If one can accept that, one will gain understanding. (See Job chapters 38-41)

Genesis 1 is the Bible's gateway. If one can believe what it says, one can enter in. Enter in to the Bible and gain great understanding. Understanding who Jesus is when He instantly made wine out of water, in a moment fed 5,000 with a hand full of food, gave sight to the blind, commanded a rotting dead man to walk out of a grave alive and stopped a storm with a shout. And so much more.
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