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Originally Posted by mtenenhaus View Post
7x57, fascinating ....i very much appreciate your thought and content.
Thanks! He can't be blamed when I get something wrong, but if I get anything about Judaism right it's to be credited to a dear friend who has spent a few decades now trying to educate the ignorant goy he met in grad school. It took many years just for him to be comfortable letting me know how difficult that can be for a Jew....

I'm a very live and let live, cherish and respect others, life is precious kind of guy.
Surgery is a great equalizer, I can honestly tell you from having performed thousands of surgeries that we're all very much the same a mm or two under the skin.
I must also confess that i can never and will never understand the kill you to save you mentality.
Which version of "kill you to save you" do you mean? It seems to reappear periodically in history. It's personally most distressing in a Christian context, which I suspect you mean, as it's not even theologically defensible (contra Augustin, who IIRC may have been one of the early proponents of forced conversion in the West).

Come to think of it, maybe that's a different thread, and maybe not a good public topic.


What do you need guns for if you are going to send your children, seven hours a day, 180 days a year to government schools? What do you need the guns for at that point?-- R. C. Sproul, Jr. (unconfirmed)

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I know every chance I get I'm going to accuse 7x57 of being a shill for LCAV. Because I can.
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