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Originally Posted by 7x57 View Post
One issue is that many OT books have been edited, and they tell us so:

Verse 1 is in the first person. Verses 2-3 are in the third, and add details that the author of v1 assumed his readers already knew--that is, they understood which Ezekiel, which year and where the Chebar canal was from their context. The author of vv2-3 clarifies that the author is Ezekiel the priest, expresses the year in regnal years, and where the Chebar canal was. Apparently he could not assume that his audience necessarily knows those things from their different context.

It's pretty easy to guess what is going on; one of Ezekiel's students/followers edited the master's work and did his best to keep it understandable even though the situation had changed since Ezekiel's day. Nothing wrong with that, it just means that the context of the audience he is writing to is different than the context of the original audience of v1. And our editor was not trying to hide his work--on the contrary, he left the first person in v1 alone, I suspect out of respect for the text he was working with.

My point is that simply assuming that only a single person touched the text of a particular book (or in the case of the Psalms, a particular chapter) is going to mislead you. Ezekiel saw the visions, yes, but he had editorial help in recording it in a way that it would remain understandable. And since Jesus affirmed the absolute authority of "every jot and tittle" of the edited text as it existed in the first century, the editing itself must have been part of the inspiration process. That involves multiple contexts. We need to consider all of them where possible.

As you wrote, your "guess." First, you need to be a Christian or you'll never understand the Bible properly (1 Cor. 2 tells us that. Not my opinion). Then, just use a consistent, literal, historical, grammatical, plenary hermeneutic.

As I said above, each book was written for a specific context.

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