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Originally Posted by billvau View Post
What you describe is almost identical to proper Biblical study.
I certainly intended it to be. One of the trains of thought that led to the post was the realization that Clarence Thomas had described (what I regard as) correct biblical hermeneutics more accurately than all but a handful of descriptions that were intended to be about the bible. I found that astounding.

The only real difference is that Thomas was talking about texts with a clear final form at essentially the time of writing. That's not true of biblical texts in general, a number of them tell us they were edited (generally in the OT). Essentially that's part of the inspiration process, and it complexifies things for us slightly. But unless someone is disputing the canon, that really doesn't matter, it's the same as what Justice Thomas described.


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I know every chance I get I'm going to accuse 7x57 of being a shill for LCAV. Because I can.
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