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Originally Posted by pbsmind View Post
The hermeneutical I use is: Literal, historical, grammatical, with emphasis on authorial intent.
It often doesn't matter, but I think authorial intent suffers from the problem of mind-reading long dead people if taken too seriously. The term that seems to best capture what we actually can do is "original public meaning." As it happens we generally, and correctly, assume that the OPM (where "public" means the general audience who received the text) represents the meaning the author intended and the readers (probably hearers in the ancient world), it is occasionally important to realize that it is the OPM we can determine with historical texts, not authorial intent except indirectly through the OPM.

And that's true for both sacred and legal texts, so I do apply that uniformly to both types of texts.


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I know every chance I get I'm going to accuse 7x57 of being a shill for LCAV. Because I can.
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