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I use various methods to get an understanding of the intent of the writer of Old Testament / First Covenant and New Testament / Second Covenant scripture. A interlinear translation / Greek or Hebrew across the top, with the direct intent english underneath and often get a much stronger sense/picture of the writers message in what he has written. As well examining Hebrew and Greek words in Strong's Concordance. Big Help ! This helps me to get past the older RELIGIOUS meanings such as " Thou shalt not kill," which actually says " thou shalt not murder ." The Hebrew word is saying " Thous shalt not DASH IN PIECES" and I pronounce it Routesekh or ROTSEKH. Religious church writing has done a lot of thus saith the gosple according to ME. Often no examination of the actual meaning of some words are used. Just my methods used during my reading and also I use a lot of prayer asking for HIS meaning of the scripture being studied.

Psalm 1
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