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Hi all,
I just wanted to add here my thoughts/experience with Josh and VIP CCW's services for anyone that's thinking of qualifying for LA County or a Out-of-State permit--do it now, and do your training with VIP CCW. The benefits: you can do this remotely in the comfort of your home (avoid the traffic and high gas prices) and there is no additional charge for more than one handgun. As an instructor with experience as a LEO, Josh brings an experience and insights that other CCW Instructors may not have. Classes are obviously informative with opportunities for Q&A, certainly not as stuffy as a classroom where one Instructor just talks at you while you take notes (ask me how I know: this was how I completed my Out-of-State Utah permit two years ago, regrettably not with VIP CCW).

My interactions with Josh outside of the class were polite and friendly, and all correspondence was responded to quickly...this was particularly helpful for me, as I did experience some very minor hiccups in some communications with LASD. Despite traveling at the time, Josh got back to me quickly and helped me out.

Range qualification was also fast and enjoyable--you'll have access to a calendar for available dates. Make sure on your qualification day, that all your handguns are cleaned and operational and that you know how to efficiently field-strip and reassemble. You will be tested on this before any shooting is done.

All in all, heartily recommend. Feel free to post any additional questions here, and I'll try to keep up and respond.
June 3, 2021: Delivered app to Lawndale Station
June 15, 2021: Check Cashed
January 27, 2022: Contacted (phone) for interview
February 8, 2022: Interview (Monterey Park); Live Scan
February 9, 2022: Live Scan performed, CA/FBI Cleared
February 16, 2022: CCW Class Completed (VIP CCW)
March 30, 2022: Contacted by LASD for add'l dox
April 12, 2022: Firearms Cleared (62 days)
May 5, 2022: Shooting Proficiency completed
June 1, 2022: Proceed to Training call and email
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