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Wishing you the very best resolution as you navigate your options. Same goes for any active coppers who suit up every day despite internal and external injuries. Lord only knows how long LE can sustain the present complications. Certainly we are bound to see more medical leaves. And one of the best things we can do is support those who separate.

For medical retirement, here are a couple of things for OP to consider. Your present career has EWFs. Essential Work Functions. If you cannot perform at least one of them due to work related injury, you may retire. Use caution to review the EWFs of your new retirement job to make sure you arenít expected to perform the same function(s) that caused you to retire. ( Or your new employer is willing to accept your disability for that function) Remember that the walls have eyes should you take on new work that involves activity that you retired from as being no longer able to to. Hence teaching/ training is so popular post retirement.

Next is to ensure your new employer represents a system other than the one you retired from, or youíre willing to suspend your retirement benefits in exchange for a salary. (Rather unlikely for someone unless youíre looking to boost your service credits) (Generally, double dipping is preferable to most)
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