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Originally Posted by ChrisO View Post
So, unfortunately I'm medically retiring. I've got some questions about future job possibilities for you guys that have medically retired. What have you guys moved on to do? From my understanding so long as the job description isn't the same you should be good to go? If so I'm considering a DAI office. I don't know many medically retired guys so I'd love if some of you could chime in, or take it to PM's if ya prefer. I'll give some background...I'm almost 10 years in at a very busy agency. I've worked custody/patrol/training/SWAT/gang detective. I've got a good resume, and a good reputation... Just trying to plan the future.

If you worked for CalPers, this guide is useful. They also have a unit that evaluates post employment if you reach out. Some retirees have misstepped, and had to pay back large amount of funds for taking a temporary job with Calpers based employers. With a disability retirement there are additional steps outlined.

Congrats on your retirement.
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