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Originally Posted by 1911-CV View Post
Sounds like OP has the "not PERS" part covered. Retiring (medical or not) from one PERS agency and working more than the PERS-allowed maximums at another, is looked upon as "double-dipping" and they go after you, and not the agency. (Same with other retirement agencies, but PERS covers so many employers it is easier to slip up).

Couple cases in the news lately where the person was even employed by a third party firm, but performing tasks for a PERS agency as a contractor.

Didn't end well.
^ This OP.

OP, before you are actually med retired get the very best settlement you can and that means no going with a union rep or trying to go alone yourself. Once you are med retired there is no getting another bite at the apple, what you get is all there is.

The difference between the best settlement you can get and some half-assed settlement is the difference between not having to worry about what you do and then doing something for enjoyment and sweating out the remainder beating down some job because you have no other choice.

The $ it will cost for the very best representation will pay for itself really fast. If you just go along with some formula you can get shafted.

I have seen enough go through the med retirement process to know what seems to be just some fill in the blanks formula is anything but that, don't let it happen to you.

Then, after your best settlement you could find yourself wanting to do something completely different. You could get into consulting for example, organizations are beating bushes to find good people and the money being thrown at emergency, security and safety consulting contracts is absolutely insane. Instead of punching another clock and dealing with government type service again you could end up in a cush job but still involved in the LE aspects but not tied to a restrictive schedule with longer hours and so on.

A nice gig can easily put $20+K in your pocket for a 2 week stint. Once you get in the door fly wide open. It depends on your skill set.

You have the opportunity right not to set the trajectory for the remainder of your years, don't go the cheap easy route and think just working another job is some answer to retirement.

One thing to insist upon is a right of return if the reason for the med retirement changes. Things can happen and you didn't specify the "why" but what I'm saying is to pay attention to that issue. The right of return if something changes is worth hundreds of thousands of dollars in pay and benefits because depending on your age you could find out that getting back in just for a couple years at some point and then retiring again radically changes the retirement pay calculation by using the then current salary.

Another thing. Whatever you do, if your med retirement is calculated in part upon salary and time in service don't lump sum out on your vacation or sick leave IF burning the time at a rate to meet minimum hours per month will increase the service time factor. A lump sum can seem great but you will lose your rear end doing it. Its a lot of "ifs" but that is why you need the best rep you can get and that is an attorney and not some union rep.
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