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Originally Posted by 2nab View Post
There are 2 main obstacles to post -disability retirement employment. One is you can't take a new job in the same retirement system, which sounds like it won't be an issue in your situation.

Secondly, you don't want to violate your physical restrictions, being whatever you got medically retired for.

For example, if someone retires with a back injury that prevents them from wearing a full gun belt and ballistic vest, then any job that doesn't require those things would be acceptable, which means a DA Investigator position or similar would be a good choice. It doesn't matter what the career field is. It only matters that you aren't violating your physical restrictions or disability. You can certainly take another law enforcement related position. DOJ, ABC, FBI, Secret Service, there are lots of law enforcement jobs that differ from the daily vest, belt, and uniform requirements of a patrol officer, but where it gets tricky is if the job classification you are considering requires you to be able to do that thing that you no longer could do at your original job, even if you don't actually have to do it.

Example of that is if the job classification you are retiring from requires you to be capable of traversing over a fence, and carrying an unconscious body. It doesn't matter that you never actuality do those things, your inability to meet that requirement is what causes you to get medically retired. The same principle applies to your new career. If the classification of a peace officer with ABC requires you to be able to traverse over a fence and carry an unconscious body, than you can't work in that job classification, even if the specific job you are applying for is office work only. Hopefully that all makes sense. You need to pay attention not only to the requirements of the actual job you are applying for but also the requirements for that employee classification.

Great info, very helpful. Thank you for the insight.
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