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Originally Posted by 1911-CV View Post
Sounds like OP has the "not PERS" part covered. Retiring (medical or not) from one PERS agency and working more than the PERS-allowed maximums at another, is looked upon as "double-dipping" and they go after you, and not the agency. (Same with other retirement agencies, but PERS covers so many employers it is easier to slip up).

Couple cases in the news lately where the person was even employed by a third party firm, but performing tasks for a PERS agency as a contractor.

Didn't end well.

At this point Iím just trying to navigate this crap, Iíve heard guys say itís a no no Iíve heard guys say itís ok if the job is basically a desk job (depending on permanent restrictions). The DA agencies Iím potentially looking into job descriptions are pretty clear and not conflicting. I didnít chose to be medically retired, Iíve been forced into it. I was told me QME is legally binding and the office canít accommodate me. I was clear as well as the doc that given time I could return, county decided it wasnít worth the risk ďrisk managementĒ atleast. Iím curious if this could all be circumvented by forgoing the actual retirement and a lateral to another agency? Nothing to come after if Iím not taking their medical pension. Iíve been told by many itís a blessing in disguiseÖ but Iíve always liked my gig. Some days Iím ok with it, some days Iím not.
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