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I cant remember anywhere where I have heard more "supposed" firearms enthusiasts say "boycott this store", "boycott that store" blah blah blah. What is that exactly? Just what are you accomplishing? You want to try and shut down a gunshop because you dont agree with their pricing structure? You dont agree with their range rules? Just because you want to rapid fire doesnt mean that you can if they say you cant. Its their business, plain and simple. Their house, their rules, you dont like it, go elsewhere. More than likely, as in my experience, the reason a establishment wont allow things like holster draw, or rapid fire, is because some jackhole came into their establishment and did it unsafely before you. One person mishandling a firearm usually scews it up for the rest of us. Thats the way its always been, and im sure thats the way it will always be in the future. Ive even seen on here where people have bragged about being on a banned list for a certain indoor shooting range. Is that something you should be proud of? What does that say about you? An esteemed member here, Calguns member Rue, he and I always seem to go back and forth in regards to the Elk Grove Run Room. While I dont agree with his opinions sometimes, I respect them, and I would like to think he does the same for me. In the end, he and I just agree to disagree, But we do it in a civilized manner. As a former employee of TGR I saw how the inner workings of a range were handled, and sometimes customers dont get to see what goes on behind the scenes, so yes, they can draw conclusions based on what they have experienced. I tend to look at it this way, if a Harley dealership has a bike I want, but is priced over what I feel is reasonable, im going to shop around til I find one that does have what i want at the price I want it at. I dont go and badmouth that dealership, I just dont purchase the bike there. It may have better deals on tires, or leather, or helmets, or whatnot. the same applies to firearms and the associated products that go with them. If you dont like a certain gunshops prices, dont shop there, but in the same token, dont try and build up a campaign of "lets shut them down" its the classic "cutting off ones nose to spite its face"

All in all, theres exciting new things happening here in the state of california in regards to firearms ownership, some things you will partake in, some you may not, but it all is history in the making. Be proud that you were part of it as I am. Lets all do our part to educate, be good stewards, and keep FFL's in business by showing them our support. If a certain FFL doesnt meet your personal standards, dont shop there, but on the same token, dont come on here and badmouth the place. Lets make this year an especially good one for firearms ownership here in California. My resolution this year is to do something new and different in my firearms purchases, so I decided to go and set up a NFA Trust. It opens up a whole new area of firearms ownership for those of us here in california! Who here wouldnt want a Serbu Shorty 12 guage shotgun to show off at the local range? And its all possible if you just take the time to read thru Calguns and learn how to do it! Knowing this, ask yourself, what am I doing to further my second amendment rights for myself and others? What am I doing to further MY gun rights? You may find some new and exciting doors opening for you if you do!
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