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Originally Posted by Hunt View Post
I had nothing but trouble with a juggernaut, it basically rendered my rifle inoperable, it's dangerous as hell and useless. I had it on a collapsable stock AR15 not a folder.
Thanks, Iím not concerned with the juggernaut kit alone, itís the combo Iím unsure of. Sorry to hear about your bad luck, Iíve had nothing but good things with mine. Both ar15 and 308 kits with a lot of rounds through each. Hopefully someone can say if itíll work. Looking closer at the bcg extension it looks like that piece is small enough to lift with the upper and not hit the inside of the receiver extension or anything. Just want to be doubly sure before dropping the cash
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"I own several firearms, none of them are "toys". I hear a "bump" in the middle of the night...I am not reaching for my Xbox controller..."

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"Taking a Mosin to a smith for a new barrel is like taking a cat to the vet- easier and cheaper to just get another. "
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