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Originally Posted by esy View Post
Are you really this dense?

How many peace officers do you think there are in the entire USA? If, and this is a HUGE if, all officers voted the way you think all officers should vote, how much of an impact do you think thatíll make?

Iíll give you a hint, the number is significantly less than you think. Those unions you seem to think have tons of power have extremely little.

Itís not that I donít like what you have to say. Itís more like youíre speaking out of your rear end with little to no knowledge of it.
I'd really prefer to discuss without the insults. That does reflect poorly on you, not me.

Your unions have more power than I do, much more. So you want to do nothing, collect your paycheck and get an early retirement. No problem. That is your choice and many think the same way.

However, police agencies have power and they do flex it at times, usually when contracts come up. It's not unheard of to hear of a "work slowdown" or the "blue flu" when that happens. Why not speak out against those who are, in a practical sense, advocating for violence against LEOs, whether it be local police, sheriffs, ICE or BP? Send it up the pipeline because the crap flows downhill. To do nothing means you consent to it.

I am not an anti-police type of guy, I am very much pro LE. The thing is, when people start to believe that police are viable targets for violence then the rest of us civilians are at risk too.

As for as following orders I submit the following. Laws are orders for police, right?

Each one of those sheriffs put their careers on the line. They are publicly disobeying an order. Sure they are doing so with a basis in The Constitution, but they have put themselves at risk regardless. I would really hope that every single LEO in this country doesn't blindly follow orders. We don't have to look back very far in history to see that that was a rather big problem.

When Obama turned the Memorial for those 6 police officers in Dallas who were ambushed and murdered into one of his "anti-police" speeches I was disgusted. I hope you were as well.