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Default What to do with fired brass?

Before anyone says anything about it, I'm not getting into reloading anytime soon. And I don't have a lot of space to store brass (part of why I'm not getting into reloading anytime soon) so I need to find something to do with it. If I ever get limited time with someone else's press I'm not going to be loading range ammo in bulk brass.

I've been shooting a revolver a lot more lately and have accumulated a bit of 38 Spl and 357 Mag brass that I don't know what to do with. I know I could run an ad on the reloading section but last time I checked the prices I wouldn't have gotten enough money over scrapping it to make it worth the hassle. (Although I do know prices fluctuate all the time.)

The brass is sorted since I dump them by the cylinder-full and sort them back into the boxes they came in.

I know a lot of people used to send their brass to Freedom Munitions for credit, but they seemed to have discontinued that program last year.

Other companies that I found that have a similar program and ship to California are Bite the Bullet (which pays less than scrap prices for brass) and Defender Ammunition (which pays decently for sorted brass). I can't find much about people's experiences with the latter's company.

Are there any other options of what to do with spare brass?
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